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Project : #KlimadanKita

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

#KlimadanKita is a creative competition by the Democracy Discourse Series Malaysia (DDS Malaysia) from the University of Nottingham Malaysia, in collaboration with Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), and the United Nations Association Malaysia (UNAM) Youth, for young Malaysians to develop and share their knowledge of the climate emergency.

Read about the creative competition in this article by UNMC Ignite, the university's own publication.

The theme of this competition will be the relationship between climate and human society and expressed this creatively by linking how social forces relate to the climate emergency and the climate change implications for society too.

To date, there are very little work done to explore the intersectionality of climate when it comes to human rights, gender justice and indigenous rights. The competition ultimately aims to be a platform for critical thought and creative political perspectives for the Malaysian youth.

As of now (15/11/2020), the submission to this competition have been closed, and the selection of winners are currently ongoing. This is a pilot project KAMY coordinated with Democracy Discourse Series Malaysia and we hope to expand this in 2021.

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