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Nanti letak file PDF ori, tapi file google doc belum complete (tiada link).


National Policy on Climate Change 2009

National Determined Contribution 2016

National Policy on the Environment 2002

National Strategic Plan for Solid Waste Management 2005

National Agricommodity Policy 2021-2030

The Fourth National Physical Plan (Rancangan Fizikal Negara Ke-4, RFN4) 2021

12th Malaysia Plan 2021

National Forestry Policy 1978, Revised 1992

National Policy on Biological Diversity 1998

National Low Carbon Cities Framework 2021

National Water Resources Policy 2012

National Automotive Policy 2014


National Petroleum Policy 1975

National Energy Policy 1979

National Depletion Policy 1980

Four-Fuel Diversification Policy 1981

Electricity Supply Act 1990

Gas Supply Act 1993

National Energy Policy 2008

Five-Fuel Policy 2001

Energy Commission Act 2001

The National Biofuel Policy 2006

National Green Technology Policy 2009

Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan 2010

Renewable Energy Act 2011

Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act 2011

National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2015

National Energy Policy 2022-2041

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