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KAMY programs

Registered in 2020, KAMY is a leader in advocating for climate justice using a rights-based approach and feminist lens. We integrate women's and Indigenous rights, fostering an empowered civil society that actively engages in climate governance and bolsters community resilience. Our commitment extends to enhancing climate communication in news media and elevating corporate and government accountability in climate action.

Climate Communication

Lensa Iklim (Climate Lens)

An impact program to upskill and empower Malaysian journalists and mainstream news media to improve climate and energy transition reporting. The long-term impact is strengthening climate communication in Malaysia and increasing the public's climate literacy. This program is a Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) initiative supported by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and TARA Climate Foundation

Alamak Podcast

ALAMak! is a podcast run by women only members in KAMY dedicated elevate concerns around climate emergency in Malaysia.


A previous program in 2021, PANAS is a KAMY consortium with Science Media Centre and the British Council to build capacity of journalist to cover quality IPCC reporting.

Climatea (Spilling tea on climate)

KAMY's in-house media production in KAMY to produce climate content and visual materials (e.g. videos, short documentaries, articles, podcasts, infographics, etc.) across our social media platforms. This programme is a Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) initiative supported by multiple funds throughout the years, such as the Global Greengrants Fund.

Komunikasi Iklim

Indigenous People

Weaving Hopes for the Future

A program championing Indigenous women's empowerment and youth leadership in Peninsula Malaysia. Focused on land rights, preserving Indigenous knowledge, climate governance and COP UNFCCC participation, and gender justice, this initiative is reinforced with peacebuilding approach, supported by the British Council Malaysia and the We are Family Foundation

Sekolah Iklim

Sekolah Iklim is dedicated to empowering, documenting, and elevating Orang Asli youth voices of Peninsula Malaysia for climate governance in our journey towards #ClimateJustice , supported by UNDP Malaysia.


#MisiBantuOA was an initiative aimed at centralizing relief efforts for Indigenous communities in Peninsular Malaysia during the height of an economic, health, and supply crisis amid the COVID19 restrictions. While the program primarily operated during flood disasters, it is currently inactive.

Orang Asli

Women and gender

Voice and Visibility

A programme designed to enhance Malaysian women's capacity in alternative climate solutions, rooted in feminist and environmental justice principles. This initiative promotes participation in the Women Gender Constituency within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Orchestrated by KAMY in consortium with IWRAW Asia Pacific, it's supported by Women's Fund Asia.

Jantina, Wanita, Iklim

Business and Human Rights

Just Energy Transition research

We are currently conducting a research to publish a baseline report of the intersection between Just Energy Transition (JET) and Business and Human Rights + Environment (BHR+E), supported by Tara Climate Foundation

Baseline assessment for National Action Plan for BHR

Under the Prime Minister's Department's Legal Affairs Division (BHEUU), KAMY has been appointed as the lead consultant for the environmental section of the National Baseline Assessment of Business and Human Rights (BHR). This effort will contribute to the formation of the BHR National Action Plan in collaboration with AMERBon Advocates, SUHAKAM and UNDP.

Right Based

Coalition Building

Gabungan Darurat Iklim Malaysia (GDIMY)

KAMY is a founding member and active committee of the "Climate Emergency Coalition of Malaysia" (Gabungan Darurat Iklim Malaysia - GDIMY). Established in 2021, GDIMY unites civil society organizations and individuals to accelerate Malaysia's response to the global climate emergency. We've presented a comprehensive 44-page civil society declaration on the climate emergency, offering detailed recommendations to the current government. Presently, we're advancing a Just Energy Transition initiative with the support of the Tara Climate Foundation.

Asia Feminist Coalition

Established in 2022, the Asia Feminist Coalition is a vibrant network of feminist activists and organizations across Asia, united in their pursuit of gender justice and equality. With representation from 21 organizations across 10 Asian countries, the coalition embodies an intersectional, diverse, and inclusive feminist movement. It envisions an Asia marked by inclusivity, justice, and inter-generational care. Among its three core thematic areas are climate and environmental justice, care work, and a just energy transition. KAMY proudly serves on the steering committee, with support from Oxfam Asia

Pertahankan Hutan Simpan Kuala Langat Utara (PHSKLU)

KAMY played a pivotal role in strategizing and executing the "Defend Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve" (PHSKLU) campaign as part of the coalition committee. Within two weeks of its 2021 launch, our efforts contributed to the unanimous endorsement of Motion 26 by all Selangor ADUNs (elected state lawmakers). This historic move aims to safeguard all forest reserves and water catchments in Selangor, Malaysia's most populous and developed state.

Pembinaan Gabungan

Podcast Iklim Alamak

Hab Sumber Iklim KAMY

Podcast dan Hab Sumber
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