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  Misi bantu oa

#MisiBantuOA is a disaster response intervention run by youth groups;  Shaq Koyok, Gerimis Project, KUASA, Diri Bumi Ecological Practice and KAMY specifically to coordinate and centralise the efforts for immediate relief to Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia
Our targets are the Orang Asli communities located in the interiors and communities living by the fringes of degraded forests - all now facing a severe economic and health crisis, as well shortage of supplies due to CMO amid COVID19.

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Communities facing decades of environmental injustice and human rights violations will be disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and other future shocks including climate impacts. The loss of these crucial communities will not only cost us the fight for forest protection for climate mitigation & adaptation.

Often understated, ethnobotany and irreplaceable indigenous knowledge aids in our understanding of the forest health and composition among many others— including our relationship with the earth.


Based on the principles of #ClimateJustice, KAMY through #MisiBantuOA will refocus on how to increase Orang Asli community resilience.


Throughout the 1st phase of #MisiBantuOA, we collected a lot of information and identified gaps in food sufficiency within the indigenous community. We also realized that women, especially young women with the child are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Covid19 coupled with forest degradation and systematic genocide of the indigenous culture in peninsular Malaysia have eroded the food sovereignty of indigenous communities.



Seek for a GREEN and JUST transition to our post COVID-19 future!


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MisiBantuOA is also a part of a larger collective of NGOs and CSOs working to empower the Orang Asli communities in Malaysia.

Read the joint statement of #OACollective here

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