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Malaysia’s Floods of December 2021: Can Future Disasters be Avoided?

ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute has publish a perspective paper on Malaysia's flood on December 2022, with some key recommendations.

The author is Serina Rahman is Visiting Fellow at the Malaysia Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute with contributions of Christine Fletcher, Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar (KAMY), Francis E. Hutchinson and Lee Poh Onn.

You can download the paper here :

ISEAS Perspective 2022
Muat turun PDF • 2.53MB

Aside from the paper, a webinar was organise on 7th February 2022, titled "Peninsular Malaysia’s Floods of 2021 – Investigating the Causes and Possible Solutions", with sharings from Dr Christine Fletcher and Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar (KAMY) of their expertise and understanding of climate change policies and forests as a nature-based solution to extreme weather calamities to explain how anthropogenic damage to terrestrial habitats could be compounded by climate change. The webinar attracted a large turnout of 120 participants from Singapore and abroad

You can read the webinar proceedings here :


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