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Climate Journalism: Pitching for Climate and Environment

  • To provide journalists and editors valuable insights on the state of climate journalism locally and globally and how to pitch for data story, climate and environmental stories grants.


13 August 2022


  • Climate Change Challenges & Opportunities: The Road to COP27 by Imelda Albano. She is a celebrated journalist for her seminal work on the environment and climate in Southeast Asia. Imelda is currently the Senior Coordinator for the Philippines and the Pacific Region at Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN). In her presentation, Imelda shared her insights on building the capacity of journalists through fellowships with specific cases of COP26 and the journalistic challenges of making COP more easily accessible for readers. She also shared the upcoming opportunities for COP27.

a. Speaker materials :

i. Climate Change Reporting: The Road to COP 27 and beyond                               

  • Strategies on Writing Proposals by Nadiah Rosli. She is a freelance journalist and a project director under the Internews Network. Nadiah is also one of Lensa Iklim's advisors. Her presentation aims to provide successful strategies for journalists and editors to run research, write proposals, pitch, budget analysis, and write compelling climate stories for readers.

a. Speaker materials :

i. Pitching Your Climate Stories

  • Exploring Narratives by Wong Siew Lyn. She co-founded Macaranga, an award-winning journalism portal that focuses on environmental, climate and sustainability issues in Malaysia through in-depth features. Her presentation touches on the subtle but powerful tactics of identifying your readers and niche,  how to look at the bigger picture of news stories, and tweaking and localising terminologies depending on the readers.

a. Speaker materials :

i. Exploring Narratives


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