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CSOs Strategic Meeting on Transboundary Haze Crisis

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

Date:           Friday, November 29, 2019 Venue:        Office of North South Initiative (NSI), Petaling Jaya

KAMY participated in a strategic meeting, hosted by Sahabat Alam Malaysia, on the forest and plantation fires that resulted in the transboundary haze crisis, with other action groups namely CERAH, NewNaratif, Greenpeace, Bar Council, North South Initiative, C4, PSM and most importantly, Walhi (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) Indonesia.

Six Walhi officers and researchers from different regions in Indonesia came to Kuala Lumpur for their sharing :

Yuyun Harmono - Kantor nasional (Jakarta)

Riko Kurniawan - Riau

Rudiansyah - Jambi

Hairul Sobri - South Sumatera

Dimas Hartono - Central Kalimantan

Anton Widjaya - West Kalimantan

The discussion main objectives:

  • Sharing session from our Indonesian counterpart.

  • Crash course on the historical, and current political, executive, legislative and judicial branch of the Indonesian government.

  • Get details on how palm oil concessions are being awarded in Indonesia and how it differs from Malaysia.

  • Who are the polluters, and how are Malaysian palm oil companies which own subsidiaries in Indonesia, and Malaysian banks like MAYBANK and CIMB are fueling the wrong narrative about the forest forest crisis.

  • Learning about the PM Haze strategies and how Malaysia must avoid emulating Singapore's inability of using its Transboundary Haze Act in catching repeated culprits.

  • Malaysia Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) action plan, and 2020 timeline.

We hope to get more academics, other pressure groups, civil society particularly the youth to participate in maintaining this momentum, especially when haze season is over. Projections have shown that there will be a strong El-Nino next year, escalating forest fires, and deadlier haze periods. Our partners in Kalimantan Selatan, youth climate groups from Ranuwelum Foundation are building more emergency shelters as mitigation measures are almost non existent. KAMY maintain that the ASEAN TRANSBOUNDARY HAZE ISSUE is a climate issue, as it releases giga tonnes of CO2 and Particulate Matter into the air, leading to serious health crisis. Do email us at if you wish to collaborate together with us.

Click to see photos here.

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