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Seven Skies Islamic International School

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

At Seven Skies Islamic International School, students are introduced to different types of social problems and issues that occur around the world. This year the topic is “Environmental Crisis”. Once they are educated on the topic, students brainstorm ideas for possible solutions and plan their social action projects in collaboration with various NGOs such as KAMY, public figures, and corporate companies.

Date: 13 January 2020 (Monday)

Time: 10am - 12pm

Location: Seven Skies Islamic International School, Taman Sains Selangor

The workshop consists of three sections:

1. Drawing visions of an ideal future: identifying their key messages

2. Forming a campaign: brainstorming a campaign, mapping stakeholders and pitch their ideas.

3. Visualize campaign through poster

We hope that the workshop has helped students gain skills in managing their own campaign and get an idea of why their role is important to create change.

UPDATE: 8 February 2020

KAMY has been invited to be one of the panel judges of Seven Skies' social theme event. This event showcases the project that the Grade 8 students have been working on related to climate change.

The project presentation can be in any form, including short films, plays, songs, etc. These Grade 8 students chose to use spoken words and performances to showcase their work.

Their effort and creativity of displaying the urgency of climate crisis has led them to win the Senior category competition.

You can check the gallery of both workshop and event here

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