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Community Leader Learning Exchange (CLLE) Workshop

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021


15.7.2019 - 18.7.2019

The Community Leader Learning Exchange (CLLE) Workshop was held in July by the Innovation for Change South East Asia, and assisted by their local partners; SUARAM and KUASA.

KAMY was fortunate to be invited to this regional exercise. We learnt how to strategize campaigns for grassroots activities, visited Temiar communities in Gua Musang and participated in strategies exchange between Malaysian, Thailand, and Myanmar counterparts.

Our workshop was based in Gua Musang and the Temiar villages that took us 3 hours of rough ride into the forest. The views were incredible as well as shocking and upsetting. As we arrived in the village, we were welcomed to a feast prepared by the Temiar villagers. The discussion commenced with a group of Temiar elders sharing their stories, which confirmed our suspicions that these areas are prime areas of corruption, and hence, deforestation at a large scale -- encroaching the customary land by the communities here.

Some of the capacity building exercises at our base in Gua Musang town.

Our ride have to cross a river .

The sharing session about to start.

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