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Women & Climate Crisis in Peninsula Malaysia

Voice & Visibility

April 2024


This is KAMY's Written Submission to CEDAW. The report highlights four key issues; (1)Data Gap and Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Policies, (2)Direct impacts of climate disasters on women, (3)Financing women in the climate crisis, (4)Inequality of participation in Just Transition.

Policy Brief: Towards a feminist just energy transition in Asia

December 2023


This policy brief has been prepared for the Asia Feminist Coalition. It unpacks the pathways towards a feminist just energy transition in Asia. It highlights why the current energy systems need to be challenged, what are some of the core principle of a feminist transition in Asia. It looks at some of the global macroeconomic barriers and presents a set of recommendations for the consideration of decision-makers in the energy ecosystem.

The brief is authored by Arimbi Wahono and Laura Doanová from Shared Planet with contributions from Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar, Myrah Nerine Butt, Lee Macqueen, Vijeta Mishra, Sona Mitra, Tasnima Mukit and Khotimun Sutanti.

SUARAM Human Rights Report 2023 Overview

December 2023


In the comprehensive SUARAM Human Rights Report 2023 Overview, KAMY contributed a chapter titled "The State of Climate Emergency in Malaysia," which provides an in-depth analysis of Malaysia's escalating climate crisis and its profound implications on human rights.

This chapter meticulously examines the intersection of climate change with governance issues, energy transitions, and societal impacts, highlighting the urgency of implementing responsible and equitable development policies.

Orang Jakun & The Climate Crisis

Weaving Hopes for the Future

November 2023


This report offers a glimpse into the lives of the Indigenous Orang Asli Jakun of Pahang, Malaysia, highlighting key aspects of their experiences with the changing climate. It examines the specific challenges faced by members of the Jakun tribe, with a focus on systemic issues such as health, education, and environmental crises. Explore the narratives that shed light on their struggles for land rights, identity, and survival amidst the backdrop of climate change and systemic injustice.

Heartbeat Voices from Indigenous Youth of Peninsula Malaysia

Sekolah Iklim

November 2023


The "Sekolah Iklim" report by Klima Action Malaysia highlights the experiences of Orang Asli youth in Peninsular Malaysia amidst climate change. It discusses their struggles with socio-economic hardships and environmental threats, emphasizing their resilience and adaptability. The report critiques prevailing legal frameworks and advocates for stronger Indigenous land rights and inclusion in climate governance. It underscores the need for policy reforms with a human rights perspective, integrating Orang Asli youth voices to prevent community disempowerment.

SUARAM Human Rights Report 2022

April 2023


KAMY authored "Chapter 10: The State Of Climate Emergency in Malaysia". The chapter dives into Malaysia's climate emergency & its human rights implications. From governance to energy transitions, we explore a wide range of topics, advocating for responsible, equitable development.

Climate And Energy Transition Reporting In Peninsular Malaysia's Mainstream News Media

Lensa Iklim

February 2023


The "Climate & Energy Transition Report" by Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) critically analyzes the coverage of climate and energy transition topics in Peninsular Malaysia's mainstream news media. It focuses on how media reports on key issues like energy transition, renewable energy, carbon markets, climate finance, and governance, highlighting the depth and approach of climate-related journalism. The report seeks to understand the intricacies and gaps in media reporting of these crucial topics.

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