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Climate Report
Heartbeat Voices from Indigenous Youth of Peninsula Malaysia

Suara Nadi Belia Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia

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Executive Summary

The Orang Asli youth of Peninsula Malaysia are at the forefront of the climate crisis, facing severe impacts from environmental degradation, legal logging, mono-crop plantations, mining, and inadequate emergency responses to natural disasters. These challenges threaten their ancestral land rights, health, and cultural heritage. Marginalized communities disproportionately bear the cost of the transition to renewable energy, with projects risking the erasure of historical sites and undermining Indigenous territorial autonomy. The report emphasizes the critical role of Orang Asli youth in climate governance, advocating for policy reforms that include their voices and safeguard Indigenous land rights, in line with the UNDRIP and SUHAKAM's recommendations.

About the Researcher

Kasih Leia Ixora Azhar, a University of Nottingham Malaysia grad, passionately merges her International Relations study with advocating for Malaysia's Orang Asli rights. Her 2022 research in Pekan-Rompin peeled back layers on the Jakun Orang Asli's plight, spotlighting land rights and environmental woes. Beyond academia, Kasih's heart beats for local arts and culture, contributing as a writer and musician, amplifying her advocacy through creativity.

In "Heartbeat Voices from Indigenous Youth of Peninsula Malaysia," Kasih collaboratively amplifies the voices of Orang Asli youth, working alongside them to push for critical changes in climate governance and the acknowledgment of Indigenous rights. Her efforts are part of a collective call to action, championing policies that genuinely incorporate and defend the voices most impacted by environmental injustices.

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