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In 2022, Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) with the support of the European Climate Foundation (ECF), launched Lensa Iklim, a climate journalism and energy journalism program in Peninsula Malaysia that aims to upskill and empower Malaysian journalists and mainstream news media to improve climate change and energy transition reporting. The program now is supported by Tara Climate Foundation.

The gaps & challenges of Climate Journalism in Peninsula Malaysia

We conducted a research to investigate this phenomenon. We published a “Climate-Energy Transition Media Reporting in Peninsular Malaysia.” This report runs a data analysis on the climate and energy transition reporting of the news media in Peninsula Malaysia, with supporting analysis of the interviews from journalists and editors of various news media.  

Access our microsite here! 

How Lensa Iklim aims to bridge the gap

Lensa Iklim was formed to empower journalists in Peninsula Malaysia in climate crisis and energy transition reporting. The long-term aim is to strengthen climate communication in Malaysia, under the Right to Information objective, thus increasing the public’s climate literacy. The program also has a short-term goal to increase the capacity of journalists, in the news media and newsroom sector, in Peninsular Malaysia on climate crises specific to the energy sector and “Just Transition”. 

Climate-Energy Resource Hub

The hub provides a guide and breakdown of topics, a list of experts and critical climate and energy policies and regulations. You can access the climate resource hub here

Articles published under Lensa Iklim microgrant & mentorship


Protecting Asia's coastal cities

20 June 2024


When Solar Panels Retire: Navigating the Waste Wave

12 March 2024


Sustainable planning, the fundamentals of flood management
- 可持续规划,治水灾根本

31 January 2024


Rising to the challenge

23 November 2023


13 years on, Kg Pinang’s Orang Asli look to TNB for help

15 March 2024


From Sun to Scrap: The Impending Impact of Solar Waste

11 March 2024


Climate Change Act as a basis for systemic disaster management - 气候变迁法案是系统治灾依据

31 January 2024


Will solar power shine a light on Orang Asli villages left behind?

18 April 2023


13 years on, Kg Pinang’s Orang Asli look to TNB for help

15 March 2024


Panel Pile-Up: Solar Waste's Silent Surge

8 March 2024


Perak Dams Threaten Stone Spirits And Ancestral Graves

3 January 2024

Resources from Lensa Iklim Workshops

Lensa Iklim successfully conducted its first series of workshops from June to August 2022, focusing on equipping journalists with knowledge on climate and energy transition topics, such as climate policies, governance, the IPCC report, and COP UNFCCC processes. We're excited to continue this capacity-building initiative with more sessions planned for 2023-2024.

13 Ogos 2022

Climate Journalism: Pitching for Climate and Environment

To provide journalists and editors valuable insights on the state of climate journalism locally and globally and how to pitch for.....

16 Julai 2022

Malaysia’s Climate Policy Framework and Climate Politics at UNFCCC

Journalists are introduced to the national climate policies and what drives them, get a basic understanding of climate politics in the.....

18 Jun 2022

Introduction to Climate Change

Journalists are introduced to the basics of climate science, climate impacts in Malaysia and the backbone of climate action; the IPCC report.

23 Julai 2022

Corporate Sustainability 101 And Key Market Mechanisms

To update journalists on the role of the private sector and businesses in addressing the gap of climate finance and the long-term.....

2 Julai 2022

Introduction to Energy and Systemic Shift Concepts

Journalists are introduced to the concept of energy and its lack of coverage linking to the global climate crisis.

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