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Climate class with Seven Skies Islamic International School

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

KAMY has been invited by Seven Skies Islamic International School to conduct a brief class about climate change through Zoom.

Each year, the school's Character Development Program exposes students to social themes, allowing them to explore and educate themselves on the issue, and then presenting it to the whole school. This year's theme is "Climate change & Global Health". Check out the workshop we conducted with them last year before the pandemic started.

These Grade 7 students are broken into different groups, with each group exploring different impacts of climate crisis and find out how it impacts global health.

At the beginning of the class, we emphasized on how important their efforts are and that they are not alone in this fight for a livable future. With knowledge comes big responsibility, especially at their age it is not easy to process a complex issue such as climate change.

Throughout the class, we discussed:

- People & the planet before profit

- How the current floods in Malaysia is related to climate change & the health of our citizens (including mental health!)

- Haze issue and how it directly impacts our health

Check the slides below:

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