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KAMY’s experience at COP26

KAMY worked with four networks namely; Fridays for Future MAPA, Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty, Transnational Accountability & Justice Initiative, and Women and Gender Constituency under UNFCCC. Hailey Tan, KAMY’s vice chairperson was on the ground throughout the second week of COP26 in Glasgow.

KAMY under FFF lobbied, planned and executed direct actions in the blue zone for matters relating to Article 6 (Carbon Market) and Article 8 (Loss and Damage)

  • On “Adaptations for Loss & Damages” day, Hailey joined the solidarity action (Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice) outside the gates of the blue zone where activists held up the banner “Nothing about us, without us” written on it, while voice recordings about their experience facing the climate crisis from people all over the world were played out loud. Activist Yusuf Baluch from Pakistan also gave a speech during this action. On the same day, youth activists put together an action inside the blue zone in conjunction with Barack Obama’s speech, to demand that the Global North pay up for the loss and damages they have caused (the promised $100 billion). Activists such as Vanessa Nakate from Uganda spoke about climate adaptation and the responsibility of the Global North in climate mitigation.

  • On “Gender” day, Hailey observed the headline event “Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action” where Sabra Nordeen (Maldives), Nancy Pelosi (USA), Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland) and other women in politics spoke about the importance of feminism and equality. She was asked to represent FFF MAPA in a photo session with women world leaders alongside activist Evelyn Acham (Uganda). Another action took place in the blue zone organised by youth activists (FFF, FFF MAPA) to highlight the failure of COP26 to be an inclusive conference; activists stood in solidarity with other activists that were unable to attend due to vaccine discrimination and Visa issues.

  • Hailey also observed a negotiations meeting discussing Article 6 and consequently joined the action #DeleteTheBrackets which calls for the inclusion of human rights as the core of the negotiations.

Interviews at COP26

Hailey was also interviewed multiple times during her time at COP26 :

Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty Youth letter & press conference

Nadiah (KAMY), Farzana and Mitzi (FFF MAPA) has co-written a joint letter for the Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty campaign in 2021. At COP26, we have planned for the press conference to launch this letter. Hailey represented KAMY at the press conference to highlight the importance of phasing out of fossil fuel and emphasizing the need for a just transition, especially in the Glob

Direct action on 5th November and 6th November on the streets of Glasgow

  • KAMY team has gathered Malaysian students from all over the UK to come to Glasgow in support of the struggle of the Global South. Days before, the team led by Fathiah and Syafiqah collaborated with Young Friends of the Earth Scotland (YFOES), the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) under the Youth Hub initiative at the Queen Margaret Union - QMU.

  • KAMY also collaborated with Southern People Action on 5th Nov. Hailey gave a strong speech at the square to rally the people.


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