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Links between the impending haze season and COVID-19

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

The transboundary haze is upon us once again, but this time it will be accompanied by COVID-19. How will that affect us?

We are a few months away from the annual haze season, and despite weather projections shows less intense heat in this region in the next few months, the disturbed soiled from previous fires are not fully remediated. The remediation efforts face monumental challenge as provincial governments and Jakarta has redirected resources towards the Covid-19 relief and containment. To this day, Indonesia's Covid-19 cases remained the highest in South east Asia region.

Hence, the risks for hot spots and fires to occur remained the same.

Listen below to the one hour webminar session with Dr Khor Swee Kheng, a public health expert on how haze and could have severe consequences on our health resilience against covid19.

This is KAMY 's first webinar on haze during the pandemic, in collaboration with CERAH Asia. The webinar is a part of the Let's #ClearTheAir webinar series to dispel myths about haze and inform the civil society on their environmental rights.

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