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#WarmUP 1.0 : Climate Workshop

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

Date : 14/9/19 to 15/9/19

Venue : Secret Lair, Petaling Jaya

KAMY collaborated with Greenpeace Malaysia in designing modules for the first ever Climate Workshop in Malaysia, focused on grassroots campaigning.

There is an increased interest from the public over climate issues in Malaysia. However,

climate literacy is still very low especially in materials covered in Bahasa Melayu. To add to the lack of know-how, most young activists also suffer from directive loss and, lack of

experience and confidence when dealing with other stakeholders; eg frontline community, local groups, and the media/press. WarmUp functions as a know-how conduit among grassroots organizations to effectively campaign for serious and meaningful climate action in Malaysia. In this first WarmUp, we will explore the basics of grassroots climate campaigning. The objectives are as follows:

● Increased technical confidence in climate data

● Identifying local issues and creative brainstorming narratives

● Engaging your target audience with a directed climate campaign

● Support and networking for #OPSDaruratIklim

● Mass training - act on behalf of the movement with both autonomy and unity.

The workshops was facilitated by:

Reuben Andrew Muni - Program Manager, Greenpeace Malaysia.

Heng - Malaysian Campaigner Officer, Greenpeace Malaysia.

Sakeenah - Public Engagement Campaigner, Greenpeace Malaysia.

Yvonne - Digital & Media Campaigner, Greenpeace Malaysia.

Nadiah - Coordinator and strategist, Klima Action Malaysia

Various groups, individuals and representatives from NGO's participated in this training session. The activities range from easy to intermediate and advance learning curve.

1. Climate Crisis Basics 101

2. Defining a vision

3. Exploring the problem

4. Renewable Energy Mini course

5. Systems Mapping and Power analysis

6. Stakeholders mapping - Mapping Allies, Audiences and Influencers

7. Intro to Digital Activism

8. Role-play / SKILL : how to write a press release

9. Mock interview and media training

10. Climate Strike mobilization

The modules were run successfully and will be a baseline to other our other climate workshops in plan.

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