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Greater Kuala Lumpur Urban Forests and Climate Change Adaptation

Updated: 30 Ogo 2021

Building collective capacity for biodiversity conservation and community engagement among community-based organisations and government in greater Kuala Lumpur

KAMY is part of an alliance to conserve the remaining urban forest belt in the greater Kuala Lumpur.

The functions of Kuala Lumpur’s living ecosystems in the changing climate are often understated for its management.

Biggest challenges are : lack of data, funding, corruption, community engagement and persistent development pressures.

By 2050, 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas— increasing the population densities of major cities already suffering from environmental and social stresses such as pollution, water scarcity, land resources limitation, inequality etc.

It’s time to rethink strategies to revive and strengthen the efforts taken by urban communities in preserving the vital functions of our urban forests.

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